Evidens for Soundfield

Nedenfor kan du læse undersøgelser omkring Soundfield, FM systemer til børn med hørenedsættelse med mere. Klik på dokumenterne for at se/hente dem i PDF-format.

Phonak Compendium

A review of classroom soundfield amplification systems.

Dynamic SoundField: Teachers’ Ratings

Students Perform Better, Classrooms are Quieter, Teacher Vocal Strain is Reduced.

Phonak Field Study on Roger™ SoundField

Improved objective speech transmission in noisy,
reverberant rooms with Roger™ SoundField.

Roger Dynamic SoundField

Study shows better speech recognition at higher noise levels.

Guidelines for teacher strategies

Acoustic Guidelines and Teacher Strategies for Optimising Learning Conditions in Classrooms for Children with Hearing Problems.

Roger and directional improves hearing performance

Field Study News: Roger and directional improves hearing performance.

FM Systems for Children with Minimal to Mild Hearing Loss

FM Systems for Children with Minimal to Mild Hearing Loss.

FM usage of children with autism spectrum disorder

Improvements in concentration, communication, eye contact and motor restlessness.

Field Study: Reduced psysiologic stress

Reduced physiologic stress in children with autism
using Roger™ technology.

Personal FM systems for children with auditory processing disorder

Successfully fitting this heterogeneous population.